Thursday, 24 November 2011

Circular for College Website

In order to simplify and ease the admission procedures and related application methods online through website for class eleven admission year 2010, all the Government and non Government colleges are request to  develop and update their websites maintaining the following measures:

  1. Colleges (Government and non-Government) having no existing website should develop their website by 20th April, 2010 and should notify Education Ministry.
  2. Government colleges can bear the cost and maintenance of their website from their own college fund as per the rules of government. No additional consent is required to the Ministry for this expenditure.
  3. The website will cover the information of the college as like; History of the college, offered courses/departments, teacher’s’ information, approved and filled posts information, students information, last three years public examination results, number of admissible seats for various subjects/departments, rules of the college, do's and don'ts of students and etc. information should be added.  
  4. The website will comprise of various services like; Admission form, class routine, Notice, list of student applicants with their roll number, list of selected applicants, admission associated notice. Moreover, ideas of integrating new services should be ongoing. 

In absence of relevant technical personnel regarding regular update and maintenance of website, debugging of any problems and overall maintenance of the website, the project should be outsourced for the uninterrupted service. If possible then, an official or an employee should be trained by the professionals in order to keep the website up-to-date.


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